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We present a short guide that will help you quickly and safely place your order at the portal

1. Select the product

The first thing you need to do is choose your product. We have two types of products. Plain, in normal size, and variables that are available in different sizes or different amounts, variants. After choosing, we add to the basket.

2. Basket

After adding the product to the basket, we must enter this basket and confirm the order by going to the next screen, step 1 of placing the order.

3. Login / purchase without logging in

We have the option of placing an order as a logged in user of the portal, or without logging in. Having an account with us on the site entitles you to much faster ordering and gives you access to interesting discounts that are distributed to an email.

4. Providing your data

The next step is to provide the Employer's data and the data of the Receiving Person. Then go to the next step, where we check if the given data is correct.

5. Payment

The last (third) step is choosing the payment and the payment itself.
After all, please remember to always return to the store to confirm the order.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, we help you at