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Kwiaciarnia - flowers with delivery
Floral courier - flower delivery
and flower delivery in the city of Poznań
Florist and flowers with delivery in the city of Poznan

Florist KWIATYWSIECI.PL - flowers with delivery is a unique company that works, among others in Poznan (as well as Krakow, Toruń or Wrocław). Regardless of where you live (at home or abroad), we will send your floristic gift on time! However, this is not the end of the advantages - in our offer you will also find sweet gifts that are definitely perfect as a wonderful surprise or addition to the amazing floral composition. We also encourage you to buy flower boxes and greeting baskets. All flowers ordered from us are shipped with a special flower maker guaranteeing fast and safe delivery.

We guarantee beautiful flowers with delivery (including Poznań). We create amazing compositions according to your preferences and your own aesthetic sense, choosing unique species of flowers in many phenomenal colors. Our gifts are also unique because we attach a card to each product - its content will be included in the delivery details. This will make your gift even more special and will remain in the memory of the person you give.

Fast flower shipments
Florist with delivery KWIATYWSIECI.PL operates in Poznan, but delivers flowers to many Polish cities. We enable delivery in two hours and from PLN 0! The costs of delivery of the parcel are public and may be additionally payable if the delivery is directed to places that are difficult to reach or far away from poviat towns. In the case of domestic shipments it is even possible to deliver within two hours, and certainly the same day. At the customer's request, we enable even foreign flower packages. Then the delivery time is about twenty-four hours.

Our flower courier will deliver your parcel at the time and to any city in the country you choose. Although the florist's office KWIATYWSIECI.PL is located in Poznań, you can order flowers online from any city in Poland - for example from Krakow, Toruń, Wrocław or Łódź. You choose the date of delivery in the order. Welcome to the April cooperation! You can contact us via the form available on the website or by e-mailing us (